Dangerous NFC (BETA)

Dangerous NFC (BETA)

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This is the beta version of our Dangerous NFC app for Android. It will ensure your xNT has been protected against accidental locking or malicious attack. It does this by doing the following;

1) Analyze the tag to ensure it is set up in a standard configuration and assess risks

2) Conform the capability container to latest NFC standard (E1 12 6D 00)

3) Lock the capability container against accidental or malicious modification

4) Freeze static and dynamic lock bytes on the tag, locking user memory pages in a permanent read/write state

5) Set non-default password and password acknowledgement bytes to user defined password

6) Write protect configuration bytes against accidental or malicious modification using password protection

The app does not yet do any of the following;

- Write protect any of the user memory contents, only configuration bytes are protected

- Unlock the tag or disable the password

- Write any data to the tag (for now use NXP's TagWriter app for this)

Change Log:

v1.0.3 - updated copy on main screen

v1.0.2 - alternate keyboard compatibility fix

v1.0.1 - bug fix

v1.0 - initial release

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